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Our annual neighborhood yard sale is just around the corner on February 11, 2017.

Don’t miss this opportunity to de-clutter, while the association is advertising this for you.

Board Actions to save our neighborhood

Email copy of a Hardcopy Letter Mailed to Broward Delegation

Harbor Inlet Association
PO Box 460549
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33346-0549

January 30, 2017

Re:       SB188 Vacation Rentals, Sponsor Greg Steube
HB425 Vacation Rentals, Sponsor Mike La Rosa

Honorable Senators and Representatives of the Broward County Legislative Delegation:

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of Harbour Inlet Homeowners Association located in Fort Lauderdale, Senate District 34 and House District 93.

We ask that you oppose SB 188, introduced by Sen. Greg Steube and the related HB 425, introduced by Mike La Rosa.

Vacation rentals are a growing nuisance to many communities across our great State of Florida.  This is an issue that must be managed locally by each municipality.  Every community faces unique challenges from short term vacation rentals and should be able to respond in a manner which preserves the integrity of each community.  As every City in the State is allowed to implement its own zoning ordinances, so too should each City be allowed to implement its own rules, regulations, registration requirements, etc. as respects short term vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals in our neighborhood have become a major nuisance.  Despite the best efforts of our City leadership and Code Compliance team, many here remain unregistered.   We have noise issues with many of these, both registered and unregistered.  We have trash and litter issues.  However, what disturbs us most significantly is the uncertainty of who our next door neighbor might be from day to day, night to night.  Will our families be safe tonight from criminals or will we be subjected to raucous, drunken college parties with nudists swinging in trees until 4am?  We cannot be sure.

We believe and hope you agree:

  • A stable community is a cornerstone of society;
  • Local self-government is a fundamental right and cornerstone of democracy;
  • Cities and Towns have a right of self-governance without undue influence from the State;
  • Cities have rightfully prevented the operation of most business enterprises within residential areas;  the State should not effectively usurp Cities’ ability to self-govern by allowing a particular type of business enterprise to be introduced into a residential community;
  • Total control, regulation, registration should be vested in our local cities;
  • Zoning laws are in place that limit the placements of “hotel” establishments and these short-term vacations are in fact hotel establishments and even worse, these operate with no on-site management;
  • Compliance and enforcement of vacation rentals must be managed locally via municipal code and local law enforcement;
  • Our neighborhood is an extension of our home and we should have LOCAL, Home Rule over the  of our community;
  • As residents and homeowners, we have a reasonable expectation of continuity of our neighborhood and that our next door neighbors do not change from day to day; and
  • We bought our residential properties with an expectation of quiet and peaceful enjoyment thereof; introducing vacation rentals next door to our homes unduly threatens that right, destroys our community and threatens the value of our investments.

At this point, we ask your opposition to Sen. Steube’s and Rep. La Rosa’s proposed bills.  In addition, we ask that you go even further and introduce legislation that would remove short term vacation rentals, located within residential communities, from governance under Chapter 509 (Lodging and Food Service Establishments) and specifically from F.S. 509.032, Section 7(b).

This is an issue that potentially affects every community in the State.  We ask that all representatives and senators, no matter the party or geography, do the right thing to preserve our residential neighborhoods by OPPOSING SB 188 and HB 425.

For the Board of Directors,


Bill James/electronic signature
William (Bill) James
Secretary and Past President, Harbour Inlet Association


CC:      Mayor Jack Seiler, Fort Lauderdale
Commissioner Romney Rogers, Fort Lauderdale, District 4
Commissioners of City of Fort Lauderdale
Commissioner Chip LaMarca, Broward County, District 4
Commissioners of Broward County
Lee Feldman, City Manager, Fort Lauderdale
Bertha Henry, County Administrator, Broward County
Joanne Robinson, President, Harbour Inlet Association
Marilyn Mammano, President, Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations
Susan Haynie, President, Florida League of Cities and Mayor, City of Boca Raton
Michael Sittig, Executive Director, Florida League of Cities
Scott Dudley, Legislative Affairs, Florida League of Cities

Fort Lauderdale Neighbor Support Night

Good times!

It is an outside evening fair, with booths for police, fire dept., EMS, code compliance, etc.

The Mayor and commissioners will be there, free keychains, pens, fridge magnets, and…best of all…free trees (palms and mangos).

A great way to get to know who runs our city and meet them personally.

2016 St. Sebastian FALL FESTIVAL

Please join us this Friday, October 21st for our annual Fall Festival Celebration (f.k.a. “Oktoberfest’). The event begins at 5:30 PM in the Parish Hall of St. Sebastian Church 2000 Marietta Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.

Join us for an evening of festivities deigned for family entertainment featuring live outdoor music, dinner, drinks, outdoor children’s activities and hayrides.

Advanced Purchase of Adult Dinner Tickets are $15.00 and Children’s Dinner Tickets are $10.00. Reserved Tables (Advance Purchase Only) are $225 and include 8 dinner tickets & two bottles of wine.
**Limited Availability for Reserved Tables ***.

Act Now! Call the Parish office at 954-5249344 for more information or visit our website (look under News/Upcoming Events).

Special Thanks to Our Title Sponsor The DeMatteis & Kelley Families!